Case IH Agricultural machinery is designed and built to deliver efficient power and agronomic advantages to increase yields and limit the cost of inputs. The brand is the choice of professional farmers around the world. The Case IH brand and its iconic red color embodyes the tradition of leadership in agricultural equipment. Reliability and quality are at the heart of the full line of agricultural equipment, ranging from tractors to combine harvesters and tillage implements. The brand represents more than 170 years of expertise in the industry, including the legacies of Case, International Harvester and David Brown. Case IH has built on that heritage and is recognized today as a global leader in powerful, reliable and highly efficient equipment that helps professional farmers meet the challenges of modern farming. Case IH equipment is supported by a large network of field personnel, who live in the same communities as customers and provide the highest level of professional service right where customers need it. The official website of the brand, see here


CASE Construction Equipment is built on the principle that simple is better. Our equipment is an evolution of fine-tuned products designed to solve real world challenges. Every customer experience begins and ends with support from people at a company with a heritage of strong values and steeped in more than 175 years of knowledge. As your business grows ever more complex and competitive, we’re here to provide you with versatile, productive machines and reliable support so that you can spend time on what matters most—running your business. To us, Experts for the Real World is more than a slogan—it’s our rallying cry. It’s why customers count on CASE. The official website of the brand, see here.


Simpler work and better results

The spirit of our founder lives on to the highest possible degree in the company. We in Vaderstad continue to be curious and to look for technical solutions that simplify the everyday life for farmers. Our driving ambition is to develop machines that carry out several tasks, at a high work rate, in a single pass. The advantages of this are obvious. Fields are ready for drilling at the right time and provide the best conditions for maximum yield, while there are savings in terms of time, energy and money for the farmer. We develop tillage methods and produce seed drills, cultivators, harrows and rollers, suitable for different climate zones, from the sands of Australia to the clays of Northern Europe. Different crops place different demands on seed placement and soil tillage. Much of the testing work on new machines is carried out in close partnership with farmers around the world. This type of shared development work is important for us, since the feedback often leads to improvements and new ways of thinking. Quality provides security. "Make it to last" was an expression coined by Rune Stark. It is something we adhere closely to through our extensive testing of machines and components. The tests include field testing, mechanical testing, stress testing and laboratory testing. We feel so secure about our quality that we provide a two-year warranty on all our machines. The official website of the brand, see here.

annaburger-logoANNABURGER Nutzfahrzeug GmbH is one of the largest German producers of agricultural transport vehicles and boasts a comprehensive, innovative and highly specialised range of high-quality transport solutions for agriculture, local authorities and goods transport throughout Europe. Located in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, the company has its headquarters in the heart of Europe, near to major roads connecting East to West and North to South. Highly qualified and experienced engineers and specialists produce and develop all vehicle designs in-house. Thanks to the sophisticated level of manufacturing, the company is able to respond quickly and flexibly to all market requirements. Annaburger produces vehicle technology for both transporting crops and spreading all types of organic fertilisers. Using conventional vehicles such as silage trailers, universal muck spreaders, rear tippers or slurry trailers as the starting point, the company is continuously developing new, innovative vehicles, vehicle combinations and vehicle system solutions, which is what sets it apart from its competitors. The official website of the brand, see here.



We need land to grow food, healthy soils to nourish crops and livestock, clean water on farms and farmers to make it all happen. Every farmer and contractor has its own daily challenge to achieve the highest possible return at the lowest cost. On a more global level, we know there is sufficient capacity to produce enough food to feed everyone adequately, despite the fact that the world population is predicted to increase to 9 billion by 2050. Instead of cultivating more and more land, we should be able to increase food productivity on existing farmland while at the same time lowering our footprint. That’s exactly the business that Agrifac is in! We want to contribute to the higher food need in a sustainable, brilliant simple way. The official website of the brand, see here.

macdon-logoHarvesting Specialists

For over 70 years MacDon has been a world leader in technology, innovation, and manufacturing of high-performance harvesting equipment. Our harvesting history is rooted deep in the rich prairie heritage of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. MacDon products are distributed and supported worldwide from offices in Canada, the United States, Australia, Russia, Brazil, and Germany. MacDon’s relentless pursuit of improvement is driven by the desire to make harvesting easier and more productive for farmers. Working directly with producers and custom harvesters in the toughest real-world conditions; this relationship guides MacDon to pioneer industry-leading innovations like the FlexDraper®. MacDon has a worldwide reputation for excellence as The Harvesting Specialists and we are proud to make equipment that help producers harvest the crops that feed the world. The official website of the company, see here.


AFS® - Advanced Farming Systems

Integrated precision - ready for the future

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS™) have been at the forefront of precision farming for more than a decade, giving farmers the ability to control the entire crop production cycle. Case IH AFS™ tools include everything you need to achieve repeatable accuracy down to 2.5cm, reduce overlaps and cut input costs — and maximize your yield potential.


CNH Industrial                                                     cnh-logo

The quality and timely availability of parts and services are important competitive factors for each of the Company’s brands, as they are significant elements in overall dealer and customer satisfaction and important considerations in a customer’s original equipment purchase decision. CNH Industrial supplies a complete range of genuine parts, remanufactured parts, accessories and telematics solutions, assuring long term value and performance to current and past products. The continuous updating of products, quality standards and technology provided by CNH Industrial Parts & Service guarantee excellent performance of our brands’ service networks by maximizing the equipment’s profitability and enhancing customer satisfaction. The official website of the company, see here.

Maschio Gaspardo Logo

 Maschio Gaspardo is focused on offering precise and efficient machines to meet the todays farmer`s growing needs and requirements. The company has 13 branches and 8 plants worldwide, focusing on reducing carbon emissions and     protecting the environment, all dating back more than 50 years. Maschio Gaspardo is offering agricultural equipment in various fields and is a well-known brand for the Bulgarian farmers. The official website of the company, see here


TecnomaTECNOMA French pioneer in inovative and responsible spraying 

For more than 65 years, TECNOMA has constantly innovated to meet the needs of its customers throughout the world, offering a range of state-ofthe-art sprayers, that combine performance, reliability and comfort while ensuring respect for man and the environment. The production integrated in Épernay and the recognised industrial know-how of the TECNOMA that they correspond to the needs and subsequent assembly of sprayers, so that they correspond to the needs and constraints of each farm. To allow you to fully discover the range and potential of our sprayers, we suggest that you contact one of the 200 authorised TECNOMA distributors in France, or visit our website at :