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Midi Crawler excavators C-Series

CASE launches a brand new range of mini excavators with 8 models ranging from 1.7 to 6.0 tons and raises the bar on productivity, comfort and safety. These new models are designed for performance and reliability, with components sourced from the best, world-class suppliers. The new C series are loaded with features that will make the operator’s work easier, more comfortable and more productive with no compromise in safety, which is a priority with CASE.

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A BIG PERFORMANCE IN SMALL SPACES CASE mini excavators deliver a powerful performance coupled with outstanding stability in the tightest working conditions. You can count on the reliable engines and powerful hydraulics to boost productivity while you work with maximum efficiency and minimum fatigue in the comfortable spacious cab with ergonomic controls layout. Daily maintenance is fast and easy, with service points accessible at ground level, so you can keep your mini excavator’s uptime to a maximum.


Variable undercarriage with inner routing of hydraulic hoses allow easy access to every jobsite. Zero Tail Swing design (CX17C) means no risk of hitting obstacles with the rear of the machine. GREAT DIGGING AND DOZING PERFORMANCE Superior hydraulic flow delivers unparalleled digging efficiency (+ 5% vs B-Series). Excellent boom swing angles (CX17C left/rigth: 70/54; CX18C left/right: 60/60) contribute to high versatility. Great dozing effectiveness thanks robust 2-pin blade folding design. SAFETY FIRST CX17C and CX18C comply with TOPS / FOPS requirements. Pilot system with accumulator: this standard feature allows the operator to put the attachment down safely even with engine turned off. CX17C has as a standard feature the Emergency stop switch that immediately stops the engine in case of an emergency.


The middle range of CASE mini excavators, models CX26C, CX30C, CX33C and CX37C provide maximum versatility. These models are powerful enough for tough jobs, but nimble enough to access the most confined areas. Versatility comes also from a variety of features designed to improve productivity and performance that are available either as standard or optional equipment. EXCELLENT WORKING RANGE Improved maximum reach: + 10% higher compared to the previous series. Best-in-class dump clearance combined with superior stability make truck loading easier. Fast cycle times in every thanks to an efficient hydraulic systema and the high slewing speed. HIGH VERSATILITY Integrated range of attachments available to match different customer needs 1st and 2nd proportional controls available for precise attachment handling. Additional bolt-on counterweight for maximum stability and lifting capacity. Standard «Auto shift-down» feature for optimized travel speed and traction. HIGH EFFICIENCY Reliable, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly T4 Final Kubota and Yanmar engines. Auto-idle function (CX33C and CX37C): reduced fuel consumption and noise thanks to the automatic return to idle speed after five seconds of inactivity. EASY AND SAFE SERVICEABILITY Rationalized service points layout with convenient check points. Extended life of components.


CX57C and CX60C provide a spacious, stress-free operator environment, and feature excellent all-around visibility, ergonomic controls, adjustable seating and the best digital display on the market for ultimate operator comfort. HIGHER CLASS ROOMINESS Excellent interior space and cab accessibility make operators daily job more pleasant and relaxed. The seat features a weight suspension system, it is heated and fully adjustable. Many features come as a standard: Automatic A/C system with heater, Radio with USB, Anti-theft with interval setting function. Many optional equipment is also available: Rear view camera, Electric refuel pump, Blade safety valve. READY FOR TECHNOLOGY 5.7 inch touch screen multi-colour instrument cluster. Blue-tooth hands-free function for cell phone and radio. Engine Start Limitation (ESL) allows the operator to set a 5-digit code required to start the engine. Site Watch telematics pre - wired. OUTASTANDING PRODUCTIVITY Flow summation on the boom-up and efficient hydraulic system deliver fast cycle time and smooth simultaneous movements. Best-in-class engine power and torque along with optimal fuel usage thanks to the High Pressure Common Rail technology. Superior lifting capacity thanks to machine superior stability and outstanding hydraulic performace. EASY MAINTENANCE Convenient access to all regular service points thanks to a large engine hood. Forward tilting cab (CX60C). Convenient pressure check points on valves.

Technical information
Model CX 75 SR CX 75 SR + Offset CX80 MSR
Brand Isuzu Isuzu Isuzu
Displacement (l) 2.2 2.2 2.2
Engine Rated net power Hp/(kW) 54 (41) 54 (41) 54 (41)
Engine power at rpm 2000 2000 2000
Max torque (Nm) 193 193 193
Fuel tank (l) 120 120 120
Emmision level and gas treatment      
Engine stage Stage IIIB / Tier 4 Final
Exhaust gas treatment CEGR+DOC
Number of gears F/R 2 2 2
Maximum speed (km/h) 5.1 5.1 5.1
Hydraulic system      
Type of hydraulic pump Variable displacement pump
Oil flow l/min 2x74 2x74 2x74+35
Pressure (bar) 294 294 294
Cabin height (mm) 2760 2860 2760
Track length (mm) 2850 3410 2850
Overall width (mm) 2320 2320 2320
Maximum reach from swing centre (mm) boom 1.69/2.19 6410/6890 - 6410/6890
Maximum reach from swing centre (mm) boom 1.75/2.10 - 6500/6790 -
Maximum digging depth (mm) boom 1.69/2.19 4130/4630 - 4130/4630
Maximum digging depth (mm) boom 1.75/2.10 - 4240/4600 -
Breakout force (dipperstick) (daN) 3950/3380 3940/3470 3950/3380
Breakout force (bucket) (daN) 5690 5690 5690
In front of the cabin with boom swing - - Yes
Next of the cabin Yes Yes -
Weight (kg) 8000 8360 8690
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