Сламопреси серия LB436 HD

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Case LB 436 HD Series

Case IH expands the large baler offering with the new LB436 HD to meet capacity and density needs. 

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Thanks to its many years of experience with the LB XL series, Case IH has launched a completely new large-format "High Density" baler. The ambitious goal was 22% greater bale density while maintaining throughput as compared to the LB 434 XL. Introducing the LB436HD series with increased bale density and baling capacity to a new level of productivity and efficiency. 6 twines 30% increased loop knot strenght 20% less twine costs 62t pressure 500kg bale average weight 22% greater bale density 2.35m pick-up 48 strokes per minute 80 bales per hour 1445 rpm 26.5" tyres.

Bringing density to your business

Bringing density to your business

  • Capacity and density are the the heart of the LB436 HD development. Numerous new features such as a patented two-speed gearbox, revised plungers, TwinePro twin-knot technology as standard, or a hydraulically suspended, steered tandem chassis all increase the efficiency of the baler and set standards in bale density and ground speed.
  • Capacity: the new LB436 HD baler provides high performance baling with more than 40 tons per hour
  • Density: designed with a new plunger and bale chamber for 500 kg per bale in all crops.
  • Ease of use: for professional producers and contractors who ask for premium comfort and advanced technology.

Concentrated technology for your feed

Concentrated technology for your feed

PICK-UP & 5 TINE BARS The steerable pick-up bar with a working width of 235 cm, 5 time bars and perfect bale tine distribution reliably and cleanly picks up the swath even at higher speeds.

  • Pick-up and 5 tine bar: The steerable pick-up bar with a working width of 235 cm, 5 time bars and perfect bale tine distribution reliably and cleanly picks up the swath even at higher speeds.
  • Pre-compression chamber: The perfect bale begins in the pre-compression chamber - pre-compression of the material into stable flakes
  • Sensor plate admits the material to the main compression chamber by the retention finger.

Perfect shape, consistently high bale density

Plunger - newly desigend and reinforced

  • Extremely high pressures with – str./min
  • Fully-automatic bale density control system keeps the bales in an uniform shape and density, even under changing conditions
  •  Compression force is controlled by sensors, and can adjust compression cylinders for constant bale density

7 cylinders
For achieving highest densities and bale weights we made some improvements:

  • Extremely robust compression chamber
  • High-performance density ring with 7 double-acting cylinders
  • Compression cylinder generates up to 62 t of force for uniform bale density, even in changing conditions

The Mid-gear box

  • Speeds up PTO from 1000 to 1445 rpm
  • Flywheel brake and flywheel slip clutch
  • Automatic declutch in case of overload


Electronics also play a major role in the development of the LB 436 HD baler. The baler meets the latest ISOBUS 3 standard (tractor speed control & overload management) so that its intuitive, newly-designed user interface can be accessed via any ISOBUS compatible terminal.

It‘s what inside that matters

It‘s what inside that matters

The new loop knotter

The new knotter system provides improved components and a 30% increased loop knot strenght:

  • Redesigned needles and a new needle yoke reclaim system
  • Stronger frame to withstand
  • Higher plunger loads
  • Electric knotter fans to keep the units clean
  • TwinePro knotters can easily eliminate offcuts for a better forage quality

TWINEPRO knotter innovation

TWINEPRO knotter innovation

The new knotter system is combined with redesigned needles and a new needle yoke reclaim system. Mounted in a stronger frame to withstand higher plunger loads, with electric knotter fans to keep the units clean, the TwinePro knotters use a simple system to create a high-strength loop knot, allowing the operator to use maximum achievable density with a wide range of twines without the risk of bales bursting. The loop-knotting process eliminates offcuts left loose either on the bale – so improving forage quality – or in the field, hence reducing environmental impact.

Our best Case for high density bales

The LB436 HD is designed for optimal driver comfort: simple to operate and easy to handle. Equipped with 26.5" tyres, it ensures minimal ground pressure, optimal turf protection and excellent smooth running while keeping the baler within 3.0m for road travel.

Dual axle hydraulic suspension

The Case IH LB 436 HD is equipped as standard with a tandem axle with pivoting rear wheels for better maneuverability. A brand new feature is Case IH’s hydraulically suspended bogie-chassis with oversized tyres up to 26,5”. This makes the machine easy to pull, even for lower HP tractors, saving fuel.

3 meters widht overall

A fully redesigned heavy duty frame is able to withstand high density loads and higher plunger forces.

Less maintenance means lower costs

Case IH LB balers are built for performance and designed to require the minimum of maintenance so that pre-preparation takes up the minimum amount of time. And when comes the time for maintenance, the dust-proof twine boxes makes servicability easier with the tiltable feature and also with the service work light package.

Short drawbar

The narrow design of the new short drawbar provides an unobstructed view of the pick-up area and rotary cutter and makes the machine more maneuverable. The practical hose cabinet keeps all connecting hoses and cables organized.

Tiltable Twinebox

The demands for quality, servicability and reliability have been taken into account in every detail. The twine boxes pivot up and away for easy access to the main components. The dust-proof twine boxes are large enough for xy spools of twine, which can easily be restocked from the ground.

Service work lights

A new work light and service light package is available on LB 436 HD balers, featuring modern, bright LEDs for maximum visibility, even in the darkest night.

The automatic lubrication system minimizes downtime and maintenance work.

Technical information
Модел LB 436 HD
Размери на балата  
Ширина x височина (см.) 120 x 90
Макс. дължина (см.) 260
Изисквания към трактора  
Мнимална мощност на ВОМ ( к.с.) 250
Брой двойно действащи клапана 2
Ширина (мм) 2 352
Тип подбирач 5 палцеви греди с пластмасови шини
Опорни колела Фиксирани или  завиващи
Нарязващ ротор  
Максимален брой ножове 29
Регулировка на ножовере вътре/вън Хидравлично
Защита на ножовете Индивидуални пружини
Компресиращо бутало  
Скорост (удари/мин.) 48
Връзваща система  
Тип TwinePro - Два типа възли
Тип сезал TAMA 2200 или 2600
Брой връзвателни апарати 6
Брой обдухващи вентилатори/тип 3/електрически
Аларма при спиране на връзвателен апарат Да
Капацитет на сезал 36 броя XL размер
Управление на плътността на балата  
Пропорционално, тристранно през AFS Pro 700
Завиващи тандемни мостове 600/55 - 26.5
Размери на сламопресата  
Обща ширина (мм) 3000
Тегло (кг) 14500
Друго стандартно и опционално оборудване  
Система за автоматично гресиране Опция
Система за освобождаване на балата Опция
Работни светлини Опция
Хидравлично сгъване на рампата за изхвърляне на балата Опция
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