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hydraulics up to 220 l/min


Optum Series

2 Models, 271-300 (Peak: 290-313) Engine Horsepower: A line of all-purpose tractors that delivers the horsepower needed for larger tillage tools and planters, plus enough muscle for high-volume hay and forage operations.

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Optum™ Series

2 Models, 271-300 (Peak: 290-313) Engine Horsepower: A line of all-purpose tractors that delivers the horsepower needed for larger tillage tools and planters, plus enough muscle for high-volume hay and forage operations.

Optum family

Optum family

Ready to Meet Your Needs Optum series tractors are designed to meet the customer needs for dimensions, power, comfort, hydraulic capacity, and weight. With this flexibility the Optum tractor fits well with the below applications:


Proven Engine Performance The proven 6.7L engines are built to produce power for the toughest field conditions. Reinforced material can handle anything the Optum will put this engine through. When specific conditions are met, the engine will idle at a lower speed to conserve fuel Industry-Leading SCR-Only Efficient Power Technology Proven, simple, single system solution to meet emissions standards without compromising fuel efficiency


Reliable CVXDrive Transmission
Reliable CVXDrive Transmission The CVXDrive is a reliable transmission for infinite ground speed control that delivers the power to the ground in field and road applications, while allowing for maximum fuel efficiency by managing the engine RPM and transmission speed.

The CVXDrive transmission features:

Four forward ranges and two reverse ranges
Double clutch technology for smooth and efficient operation
Automatic mode saves fuel and allows the operator to focus on other tasks
Automatic range shift maximizes mechanical efficiency
Active stop feature allows for ease of starting and stopping tractor, especially on inclines
Built-in creeper speeds

Operator environment

Operator environment

Comfort With A Purpose The SurroundVision Cab has 85 cu. ft. of space with 63.2 sq. ft. of glass for all around visibility. Adding to the comfort of the cab is the MultiControl armrest and handle with all the major functions at the operator’s fingertips, allowing more productivity. Best-in-class seat options provide the ultimate operator comfort.

Cab Suspension

Included in base equipment, cab suspension provides the operator with a more comfortable ride, reducing fatigue and stress, especially when paired with a suspended front axle.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting

The Optum tractor offers 8 (standard), 12 or 14 high power LED lighting packages to meet the lighting needs and operator preferences. LED lights provide greater intensity over a longer life compared to halogen lights.

PTO Options

4-Speed Rear PTO: Optum tractors are equipped with an in-cab, electronically shiftable 4-speed rear PTO. The four PTO speeds include 540, 540E, 1000, 1000E for maximum productivity, versatility and efficiency. The economy PTO speeds are fuel saving features for maintaining PTO speed at a lower engine speed

2-Speed Front PTO: Optum tractors have an option for an in-cab, electronically shiftable 2-speed front PTO. The front PTO option includes 1000/1000E for fuel saving, helping customers use less fuel per acre

Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Pumps

​Optum tractors offer large hydraulic pump options for performance at lower engine RPMs, designed to help operators save fuel. Options include, 4 (standard) or 5 (optional) electronic remote valves with one optional power beyond couplers Maximum flow at the remotes: 43.6 gpm (165 L/min) or optional 58 gpm (220 L/min) PFC hydraulic pump Maximum flow available at 1 remote: 37 gpm (140 L/min)​​​​

Technical information
Модел Optum 300 CVX Optum 270 CVX Optum 250 CVX
Брой цилиндри 6 6 6
Тип Common Rail; 24 клапана,турбокомпресор и интеркулер
Ниво на вредни емисии Етап IV Етап IV Етап IV
Обем (cм) 6,700 6,700 6,700
Характеристики на ДВГ      
Максимална мощност (кс (kW)) 313 (230) 288 (212) 273 (195)
при обороти (rpm) 1,800 1,800 1,800
Номинална мощност (кс (kW)) 300 (221) 271 (199) 250 (184)
Номинални обороти на двигателя (rpm) 2,100 2,100 2,100
Максимален въртящ момент (Nm @ rpm) 1,282 @ 1,400 1,194 @ 1,400 1,100 @ 1,400
Обем на резервоара за гориво/AdBlue (литри) 630 (96) 630 (96) 410 (96)
Тип трансмисия CVT (варио) CVT (варио) CVT (варио)
Максимална скорост (км/ч) 40 Eco / 50 Eco 40 Eco / 50 Eco 40 Eco / 50 Eco
Powershuttle Стандарт Стандарт Стандарт
Creeper (пълзящи предавки) Интегриран Интегриран Интегриран
тип ВОМ Електро-хидравличен с опция за автоматично включване/изключване
обороти на ВОМ @ обороти на ДВГ 540 / 540E / 1,000 / 1,000E @ 1,930 / 1,598 / 1,853 / 1,583
тип вал 1 3/8" 21 шлици (1 3/8" 6 шлици или 1 3/4" 20 шлици)
Преден ВОМ и навес      
обороти на ВОМ @ обороти на ДВГ 1,000 / 1,000E @ 1,886 / 1,585
Товароподемност на навесна система (кг) 5.821 5.821 5.821
Задвижваща линия      
4WD Да Да Да
Активен преден мост Стандарт Стандарт Стандарт
Ъгъл на завиване ( ) 55 55 55
Минимален радиус на завиване (м) 5.3 7.7 7.7
Блокаж на задния диференциал многодисков със система за управление
тип сервизна спирачка многодискова спирачка с хидравлично управление, саморегулируема
ABS система Опция Опция Опция
Хидравлична система      
Максимален дебит на помпата Стандарт/Опция (литри) 165 / 220 165 / 220 165 / -
Максимално налягане (bar) 215 215 215
Тип контрол на навеса Електронен контрол (EHC) с ride control
Максимална товароподемност (кг) 11.058 11.058 11.058
Товароподемност през целия диапазон @ 610 мм (кг) 10.305 10.305 10.305
Максимален брой задни клапани за допълнителна хидравлика 5 електрохидравлични
Максимален брой средни клапани за допълнителна хидравлика 3 3 3
Категория на навеса Кат. III/IV N Кат. III/IV N Кат. III/IV N
Контрол на приплъзването Стандарт Стандарт Стандарт
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