Condor Endurance II

Endurance is about the ability to maintain an effort over a long period. The Condor Endurance has its name because of this. A reliable, high quality, self propelled agricultural sprayer with extreme endurance. 

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Capacity, capacity, capacity and extreme ease of use

Endurance is about the ability to maintain an effort over a long period. The Condor Endurance has its name because of this. A reliable, high quality, self propelled agricultural sprayer with extreme endurance. The proven StabiloPlus chassis is the basis for the Condor Endurance. With a step-less track width adjustment of 100 cm all track widths between 190 cm and 460 cm are available.

With a standard ground clearance of 125 cm, you are able to work in all crops. The StabiloPlus chassis and the large steering angle make tight turns possible. The radius of the turning circle is not even 4,50 metre! The Condor Endurance is mounted with a 8,000 litre polyethyleen (PE) tank. This creates the possibility to work for long periods in the field and increase efficiency and capacity.

Due to the smooth material and the design of the tank, no rest liquid stays behind in the tank or on the tank wall. Optimal use of the tank capacity is made and it is easy to clean. The tank ends in the GreenFlowPlus pump system. Therefore the tank can be emptied completely. This means no rest liquid. For filling the Endurance has a separate pump system, the HydroFillPlus. Using a lifting arm, the HydroFillPlus can be lowered which means the machine can be filled to maximum capacity very easily. With at least 800 l/min and maximum 1,500 l/min the tank is filled rapidly. The Endurance is equipped with a powerful 235 kW (320 HP) engine. In combination with the strong J-boom and the StabiloPlus chassis it is possible to work at high spraying speeds. Boom widths from 24 to 54 metre are possible. The high road speed of 50 km/h also ensures a high capacity.

Largest self propelled sprayer, lowest weight

The tank capacity of 8,000 litres and working speeds up to 36 km/h, make this machine a real capacity monster. Due to the Brilliant Simple development and design, the Condor Endurance is the lightest in its class. This combined with the 217 cm high and 710 mm wide tires give the machine a very low ground pressure. Through the selection of the tyres, the machine can even be driven 50km/h with a tyre pressure of only 1,2 bar!


The Condor Endurance has an unprecedented capacity, from less than 4,000 litres (competition) to 8,000 litres, a rise in capacity of more than 100%. High working speeds up to 36 km/h and boom widths to 54 metre give the Condor Endurance capacity as never seen before. With the GreenFlowPlus pump system, fitted with the high speed pressure regulator and self-cleaning filter, plus the clever placing of the system, ensures that the tank can be completely emptied of fluid and that the whole tank capacity can be used. Therefore rest liquid is history. Due to the high driving speeds on the road and in the field and with a spray pump of 380l/min, you have in every situation high capacity. Whether you are spraying cereals in Australia with 50 l/ha or potatoes in The Netherlands with 300 l/ha, the Condor Endurance fits into any system.

The capacity of the Condor Endurance


Extreme ease of use

The Condor Endurance has many “Brilliant Simple” developments that make the use and access of the machine easier, smarter and simpler. For instance, the filling of the tank via the HydroFillPlus system. Filling from at least 800l/min to 1,500 l/min! The pump is located on a lifting arm under the machine and can be operated from the outside. The large ground clearance of 125 cm is preserved when the system is folded under the cab. For spraying the GreenFlowPlus system is used, compact, simple and easy to access. Operation of the machine is extremely simple through the EcoTronicPlus operation system. At a glance all the functions and parameters are seen, making it easy to adjust settings and operate the machine.

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