TECNOMA French pioneer in inovative and responsible spraying 

For more than 65 years, TECNOMA has constantly innovated to meet the needs of its customers throughout the world, offering a range of state-ofthe-art sprayers, that combine performance, reliability and comfort while ensuring respect for man and the environment. The production integrated in Épernay and the recognised industrial know-how of the TECNOMA that they correspond to the needs and subsequent assembly of sprayers, so that they correspond to the needs and constraints of each farm. To allow you to fully discover the range and potential of our sprayers, we suggest that you contact one of the 200 authorised TECNOMA distributors in France, or visit our website at : www.tecnoma.com

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Tecnoma Tecnis 3100
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Tecnoma Tecnis II
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Tecnoma Tecnis 1.0
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Tecnoma Laser
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